“He never captured great wealth; he never established a foundation. But unusual if not unique among the founders of colonial America, James Oglethorpe dreamed of a truly classless and enterprising civil society. In 1733 he brought with him to Yamacraw Bluff, in what would become the town of Savannah, the layout for a model city, the official motto of which was Non Sibi Sed Aliss (not for self, but for others). Undergirded by peaceful habitation with the Creek Indian tribe led by Tomochichi, this new settlement restricted the amount of land an individual could own, had a plan for the cultivation of silk, banned slavery, prohibited the consumption of rum, and welcomed most persecuted religious minorities. (Acknowledging the threatening presence of Spain in Florida, Catholicism was banned). It also prohibited the presence of lawyers.
The vision of Oglethorpe and his trustees was realized—but only for a short while.”

[Excerpts taken from The Liberating Promise of Philanthropy.]

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